Beta testers feedback

We're opening our game to everyone wanting to test it and give feedback to the game.

State of the game

Actually the game is in alpha/beta version, it is playable from start to end with local and global scoreboards.

Play the game on Android (beta version)

You can install the game on the Play Store at this address :

Next : feedback needed

Ideas we have to make the game better, that you can vote for or add your own ones :

  • display people that are off-screen
  • make the people more difficult to steal
  • add skill: run
  • add skill: tear gas or smoke bomb
  • add skill: invisibility
  • upgrade player's skills between games
  • add content: metro lines and stations
  • add content: multiple characters to play with
  • endless mode (procedural)

Two ways to give us feedback (bugs and suggestions) :

1. Use our feedback forum

On this forum you can share your ideas and feelings about the game, vote for and comment existing ideas. You can also report bugs.

Click here to open the feedback forum.

2. Drop us an e-mail

Drop us an e-mail at