Express the feeling of stealing ?

What we try to aim with Red Handed is to express a feeling of stealing, starting from choosing a victim and steal its goods. The gameplay for the stealth action has to be attractive at the first try if we want to have fun with this game.

Technology used

At the time we started coding the game we need, the choice of wich framework or technology will be used.


The elements are increasing, we can begin to combine them to complete our decor. We have to get to have a Parisian atmosphere. We wish it!

First drawings

On the art, we will work in first intention, because the deadlines are very short. We will not have time to imagine 10 design tracks. Well fortunately we seem to have just about all three the same idea in mind.

The contours of the game

As explained in the intro, like all good ideas, the game comes from paper notes and lectures. From there our GDD is born. The plot: you are a pickpocket who scoured the metro stations in Paris, fly as many people as possible, and try not to get caught!